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Sample Ethical Will

A common question is "What should my Ethical Will contain?" The answer is as varied as people are themselves and can be fairly simple and straight forward or very long with intrinsic details. The following sample Ethical Will is for the purpose of seeding your own ideas.

To my dear husband Kenneth, children Jewel & Sonny, grandchildren Joy & Matthew:

The two most important roles in my life were being a good wife to your father and a good mother to you, my children. All of you were our pride and joy throughout our life. Your Dad is a loving husband, father, and grandfather who brings much happiness into our lives. He has never let us down and is always ready to protect and provide for us. I cannot express in enough words how grateful I am for our family blessings. Even though you were still children, you taught me many things. Examples: Often you had to wait and wait for something and had to be very patient. I learned PATIENCE. I observed how you defended each other when others gave you a hard time. I learned to be a friend who DEFENDS a friend. I watched how you helped each other, and I evolved to become a more HELPFUL person. My mom and Dad were wonderful parents and they left me with admirable values which I preserved deep in my inner being as I passed them on to you during your upbringing years. I notice that you both are honoring it in the way you are building your family and values.

I met Dad at the Community College in Salem and we both went on to the University of Salem to receive our degree as teachers. Our student years let us eventually into marriage which was the beginning of a life filled with love and lessons to be learned. We now have a computer and because your ancestors immigrated from Sweden into this great country, we researched the records of Ellis Island. What a wonderful world of information! They even have a picture of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and the old Immigration Building which is being restored now. I suggest that both of you at times go to your PC and spend some time researching such a unique enterprise as the records of Ellis Island. It is and absolutely marvelous undertaking - unequaled in its structure. It has Nation Archives and a passenger list, naturalization, and census records. The archives of passengers' arrival records at the port of New York dates back from 1820 to 1957. Your great grandparents immigrated to this country as a married couple from Sweden to New York in the year of 1830. Their names are Carl and Helga Gundi. Be sure to check out the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration aka (NARA). You will be in total awe when witnessing all the work that has been done to make this important information available to millions of people.

It is a mystery of the soul and our lives. It is something that becomes our companion as we gain wisdom and experience life more on a level of trying to understand what it is all about. It helps us to realize that there is more to life than just acquiring material things and living constantly in an egocentric mode- that there is a higher being which we need to turn to throughout the years and times spent on this earth. It teaches us that spirituality is larger than we are.

Dad and I set the goal for ourselves to enable both of you to receive a college education in order to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to enter a profession which will allow you to gain important qualities and learn a profession of which you can be proud and which will help you to live in comfort and pass on values and knowledge to your students. We were jubilant when both of you received your teaching degree. That was one of the times when human beings cry for happiness reasons. It was a beautiful and proud day in our lives. We are so very proud of your accomplishments and values and filled with gratefulness of what you have become. Thank you.

We see how you respect life and other people. It's doing our heart good to note how you treat others as you with to be treated - how you are following the Golden Rule.

Oh what joy it is to watch you and your children, and how they are showered with love. Please continue in this way, always. Love conquers so many difficulties in life.

They are just part of life and we learn from them. It fact, sometimes it seems to be the best way to learn. If you just watch your work on the computer and become aware of how you make mistakes on it before you finally learn the right way of computing, you acquire a good lesson of how to accept mistakes that all of us are subjected to. It builds character and success as we learn to appreciate the lessons.

All of us humans are equipped to want to give. Watch a little child how it wants to share with you something fun to eat. Give it a Popsicle and observe how it holds the treat out to you in order to share. It is a precious site. It is a delightful quality given to us by our Creator. However, an important lesson we need to learn is to be condescending and ACCEPT a gift which someone wants to bestow upon us. It might not be as easy as it is to give. Honor the giver with respect and allow him/her to extent their kindness. Never turn it down. It would deny them the good feeling of being gracious toward you.

Your Dad and I consider humor to be a very important part of life and marriage. It has helped bridge many dissensions which are bound to arise in each marriage. "In every house of marriage, there is room for an interpreter." By: Stabket Jybutz Route Six. "Man discovered colors, invented painting. Woman discovered painting, invented make-up. Man discovered agriculture and food. Woman discovered diet. Man discovered friendship, invented love. Woman discovered love, invented marriage." Author unknown.

As you remember, our home was always filled with beautiful music; continue to let it be an important influence in your thoughts and to your spirit. It helps love to grow. Remember all the beautiful get-togethers we had often and on special occasions. Adopt it as a lovely family tradition.

Please accept our apologies if Dad and I were not always the parents you wanted us to be. We had misunderstandings and there were times we inadvertently have hurt you. We are deeply sorry for the times we have been too harsh on you and to have made parental mistakes and we ask your forgiveness.

Our dream for you became a reality in that each of you found a loving soul mate - someone with whom you can share your life in good, as well as in difficult times. Let your gratitude shine by helping others as much as possible so that their lives can also be a fulfilling journey with love, happiness, and success.

Dad and I thank you for having brought immense joy and happiness into our lives. It was and is a delightful experience. We will never stop loving you. 

Mom and Dad

This Ethical Will is completely fictitious and any similarity to any person is coincidental

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